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In having lawns, are we giving in to societal expectations that have no real rationale, or do lawns have more meaning than we are typically willing to give them?  Is the grass really always greener on the other side?  For a lot of people, “in lawns we trust” is more than a motto: it’s a way of life.  Conversely, many folks see their lawn as an enemy.  Lawns actually have a lot in common with other hot button social issues in that there's no ambivalence where they're concerned--one way or the other, everyone has an opinion.  American Lawn explores this fascinating dichotomy, resulting in a kaleidoscopic, lighthearted, and insightful portrait of Americans of all stripes grappling with their relationships to lawn. 

Filmmaker’s Statement

Not long ago in the town in which I live, I read in the local paper about an incident wherein a disgruntled former employee repeatedly dumped rancid cooking oil on his ex-boss’ front lawn as a means of exacting revenge.  This got me thinking: Why would defacing someone’s lawn be a way of getting even?  What is it about lawns that so many people hold dear?  Why are lawns trivial to some and sacred to others?  How can something so apparently mundane actually play such a huge role in American culture?  American Lawn comes from my attempt to answer these questions and more.

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